So, you may be asking, what is so special about Key Biscayne?

Now, before you continue, we must alert you to the fact that the information you are about to read comes from people who are extremely partial to Key Biscayne.  Actually, we believe that Key Biscayne is the best place to live not just in Miami, not just in South Florida, not even in the nation, but truly the best place in this world.  (We do have facts to back up our views, and we will gladly share those with you.)

Crandon beach, Key Biscayne
Key Biscayne, island paradise We have grown up here and are now raising our families on the island paradise.  Home is where the heart is, and our hearts, along with the early Indians that first settled here, beat to the rhythm of  "Bischiyano", the "Favorite Path of the Rising Moon".  A moonrise on Key Biscayne is truly a sight to behold.

The people of Key Biscayne have created a unified community composed of different cultures, languages, and backgrounds. 

All residents have one thing in common - our love for this island.  According to the U.S. Census 2000 figures, the population of Key Biscayne is 10,507. 

This number changes seasonally as approximately thirty percent of the property owners on the island paradise enjoy our mild weather from about December through April, and choose to spend the warm summer months further north.

Key Biscayne July Fourth Parade
We at Key Life Realty are here year round.  And we love it.
Recreation, rollerblading on Key Biscayne We love to hear the ocean breezes in the palm trees housing parrots on the beach. There is an underlying and constant sense of community, unparalleled safety, spacious green parks with playgrounds and shaded bike paths.

We cheer on each child as they graduate from bicycle training wheels, or as they learn to balance on a skateboard or rollerblades.

We love shouting a kind greeting to a neighbor out in their front yard as we pass by on our golf cart or sharing a smile and a wave with the other vehicles at a four way stop sign.  Our island firemen and policemen are unquestionably some of the best around who wave at our children and take the time to show our kids the shiny red trucks and emergency bells and sirens. Golf cart community, Key Biscayne

We welcome each new neighbor, we congratulate each new birth, and we grieve together when a friend suffers loss.  It is the spirit of the people that live here that make this island what it is.

Key Biscayne is simply what dreams are made of.

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